Grading Preparation

During a grading you will be assessed fly on your flying skills.

A grading is done to select you as a candidate for the selection at a flight school or airline.

The grading is almost always done in a flight simulator.

It will include looking at the flying skills, speed of thought, division of attention, performance under pressure, communication, learning curve.

It is, therefore, important to learn the associated instructions for the grading.

The tools, engine settings etc. you have to know.

Once you understand instructions well, you can give attention to the actual “flying”.

It is therefore important to prepare yourself for simulation, so the simulator is not quite as strange anymore.

If you have a grading for flight training at KLM Flight Academy, EPST or you are offered a job at an airline, you can prepare yourself in one of our flight simulators.

We have over 20 years experience in preparing gradings.

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