Flight Simulators

FullFlight Simulator

Our Generic Boeing 737 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) is a twin-engine Jet Simulator.

The FFS is equipped with Full-Motion (6-DOF) and complete vision, in short, a true Full Flight Simulator.

By electric motion platform you experience the most natural form of flying like a real jet.

The vision system is 240 degrees around in Full Colour.

The FFS IST and thus the first Full Flight Simulator on the open market accessible to every pilot or

other person who would like to fly in a Full Flight Simulator.

The FFS is very suitable for:

  • JOC Jet Orientation Course
  • B737 recurrency
  • B737 FMS / EFIS training
  • MCC – CRM Recurrency
  • Flying for Fun
  • Treatment of fear of Flying (we are very experienced)
  • Grading preparation

Frasca 121

This tuned single engine piston aircraft simulator has a better performance, a realistic and a nice feel and offers the following:

  • Engine / propeller adjustable between fixed pitch and constant speed
  • Retractable landing gear
  • 3 flap settings
  • Nav 1 with HSI also select for RMI
  • Nav 2 with OBS, also select for RMI
  • ADF 1 op RMI
  • RMI for Nav 1 – Nav 2 – ADF
  • Digital selecting DME to Nav 1 or Nav 2

The navigation area is adaptable as required to:
Rotterdam / Eindhoven / Eelde / Maastricht / Amsterdam


The ability to generate various airplane system and navigation failures.

The route is like all the IST simulators by a pen on a pre printed A3 paper which is used in the briefing and can be carried by the student.
This flight simulator is very nice to prepare you for an acceptance grading for several flight schools e.g. KLM Flight Academy.

Click on Frasca 121 om the “Performance chart” to download

Also this simulator is for rent without instruction with private instructor or external instructors with private student.

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